'Pretty Epic': Texas Fisherman Reels In 12.5-Foot Tiger Shark

Photo: Getty Images

One man's worst nightmare is another man's "personal best." Christian Haltermann, a 36-year-old angler from Texas, reeled in a monster tiger shark, reported My San Antonio. The big catch took place at Padre Island National Seashore on Saturday, May 14th.

Haltermann caught a massive 12-foot-5-inch tiger shark, which was his personal best. According to Haltermann, the shark easily weighed over 1,000 pounds, though he didn't have time to officially weigh it. He volunteers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and only tags and releases sharks.

Haltermann says that he typically kayaks and drops his bait about 1,000 yards out from the shore. He usually goes for bass but knew once the shark bit that it was going to be a big one. It took him about two hours to reel in the shark from the shore.

Haltermann said, "She absolutely beat me up and had a bunch of fight left in her." His eight-year-old son ran down the beach to get two others to help him wrangle, tag, and release the shark to safety.

Haltermann said, "It was pretty epic. We were over the moon. When we saw it come out the water the first time, I mean we kind of figured it was over 11 feet, but we weren't expecting that. It was a pretty, pretty massive tiger."

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