Mattress Mack Makes Monster World Series Bet That Could Win Him $43 Million

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Mattress Mack is back at it again with another monster sports bet. This time, it's the World Series.

Jim McIngvale, the iconic furniture salesman from Houston, is riding on the Houston Astros to win the World Series, according to Chron. He placed two separate bets over the weekend that total $4 million. If he wins, he could net $43 million.

McIngvale placed a $3,000,000 bet using Caesars Sportsbook. He'd get $30,000,000 if his bet hits, which would be the largest win at a legal sportsbook ever, Caesars said. Mattress Mack also made a $1 million wager on Wynn Bets, where he would win $13,000,000.

He locked in the Houston Astros at +1000 and +1200 at each sportsbook, respectively. Both sites have since lowered the Astros' odds (+800).

"It's great to have Mattress Mack back and shooting for the moon and for his home team Astros. Rounding first base into a summer of baseball with $30 million on the hook will make every Houston game a little more fun for all of us," Ken Fuchs, head of sports at Caesars Sportsbook, said in a statement.

This isn't Mattress Mack's first rodeo. In fact, it's not even his first major bet this year. The furniture salesman placed a record-breaking Super Bowl bettwice and wagered big on the NCAA Tournament, where he won about $15 million when Kansas won.

Every big bet comes with a benefit to the community, though. This time around, if you spend $3,000 at his Gallery Furniture location and the Astros win the World Series, you'll get $60,000 back. If you spend $5,000, you'll get $10,000 back. Whatever you spend over $3,000, you'll get 200% back, the store said.

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