A New Interstate Could Be Coming To Texas Soon. Here's Where

Photo: Getty Images

A new highway could be making its way to Texas soon, thanks to new plans in place that call for the construction of a new interstate between the Lone Star State and New Mexico.

The new interstate highway would connect Interstate-27 in north Texas to I-25 in Raton, New Mexico, according to KRQE. There are currently two traffic routes — U.S. HWY 64 and 87 — that connect the two states, but they are often crowded and dangerous. The new interstate section would be a part of the ports-to-plains corridor, which is a joint effort between New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma to "secure federal funding for developing and improving roads."

"This is something that we’ve advocated for, for a number of years along with other communities along the route to northeastern New Mexico," Raton City Manager Scott Berry said.

Not only would this interstate help improve traffic flow, but it would also create over 30,000 jobs. "This opens up a lot of potential new businesses. I think entrepreneurs and businesses out there would look for this type of opportunity because of the strategic location Raton has between Texas and Colorado," Berry added.

According to KRQE, there are two potential costs for the interstate project. To rehab the current corridor, it would cost about $219 million. To convert the existing highway to an interstate, it would cost about $1.3 billion.

The next steps include conducting more research to identify phases, costs and connections to I-25.

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