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Meeting a childhood hero can be exciting and overwhelming, regardless of your own celebrity status.

Donald Faison, Scrubs star and co-host of Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald, said he was literally brought to tears when he found out Harrison Ford would be attending an Easter party hosted by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence in April.

“I immediately turned around and broke down into tears,” said Faison to co-host Zach Braff. “I cannot believe you (Braff) waited until two hours before the party started to text me that Harrison Ford was coming.”

Faison’s wife, CaCee Cobb, dropped by the show to give some more context to the day. The reason for the comedy star’s reaction to meeting Ford was because he was the reason Faison became an actor himself.

"For as long as I have known Donald, his favorite star in the world has been Harrison Ford, but he’s never met him,” said Braff.

To make the day even better, not only did Faison get to meet Ford, but the "Indiana Jones" actor also took pictures with Faison and his family.

“Every holiday card for the next year is covered,” Cobb said laughing. “Was that not the most amazing memory of all time?”

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