Social Security Tries To Collect $122 Overpayment From 48 Years Ago

Social Security Debate Heats Up

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Rick Wosmanski was shocked when he received a letter from the Social Security Administration saying that he owed the agency $122.80. Wosmanski was confused because he only started collecting social security last year. As he read further, he learned that issue was related to the passing of his father in the 1970s.

He was a full-time student at the time and entitled to his father's benefits. The SSA said that he was no longer allowed to collect that money once he finished school but still received $122.80 in 1973.

Wosmanski told KMOV he doesn't remember receiving any money after his father's death and believes his mother may have cashed the checks without his knowledge.

"The rest is a mystery. Went to the grave with my mom," Wosmanski said.

He reached out to the agency but was told he owes the government the money.

"I said, 'is there some kind of statute of limitations on this' and she said, 'no, you owe us the money.' Just like that," Wosmanski told the news station. "All the money our government gets, and yet they are willing to come after the little guy for 122.80."

Wosmanski filed an appeal and said he would pay the money back if his appeal failed.

"If they insist on $122.80, I will do my patriotic duty and return 122 dollars and 80 cents. I'd like to do it in pennies," Wosmanski joked.

Luckily, Wosmanski won't have to start wrapping his pennies. KMOV contacted the Social Security Administration, and a spokesperson told the station that they "will be able to resolve this issue" and would reach out to Wosmanski directly.

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