5 Things That Make You A Cool Mom....I Guess I'm Not A Cool Mom

We know a lot of moms who want to be considered a "cool mom." And it looks like it's not that hard to do . . . even if some of it goes TOTALLY against every fiber of your personality.

A new survey asked adults what makes someone a COOL MOM. And the top two things are:

1. She talks openly with her kids about anything and everything.

2. She lets her kids get away with some things that a, quote, "normal" mom wouldn't when they're growing up.

Got that? If you want to be a cool mom, talk to your kids about sex and let them drink in the basement.

But even if you CAN'T bring yourself to do that, I'm thinking once your kids grow up, they'll still appreciate everything you bring to the table . . . because the survey also found 68% of adults say they have a cool mom. 

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