Jimmie Allen Gives Michael Ray Parenting Advice For The Future

Jimmie Allen Gives Michael Ray Parenting Advice For The Future

Having children is something Michael Ray and Carly Pearce hope to do one day. For now though, they're enjoying life as newly weds and keeping busy with their careers.

Fellow country music singer, Jimmie Allen recently shared how he'll figure out when Ray and Pearce are actually expecting. "If you see Carly playing anywhere and she's not drinking wine, they got something to tell," Allen told People.

Allen went on to give some advice to Ray for when the time comes for him and Pearce to have kids. "I would say, honestly man, patience," he says, adding, "because kids have a way of bringing out he best and the worst in you."

He continues, "I've learned so much about myself from my son and I'm so thankful for him. I realize I'm a lot more compassionate than I thought and a lot more patient than I thought."

The "Best Shot" singer did reveal that he's "over protective" when it comes to his 5-year-old son Aadyn. He explains that he doesn't agree with letting your child go places such as the playground alone saying "that's how kids get kidnapped."

After hearing Allen's advice Ray jokes, "I can't wait to see Jimmie Allen's parenting book he comes out with!"

While it might be a while before Ray becomes a father, Allen is already on to baby number two. Allen and his fiancee Alexis Gale announced in November they are expecting a baby girl.

"I'm headed into the girl-dad club!" Allen said at the time. "I'm happy and nervous and so excited to meet her. I hear daughters make dads better people, and I'm ready to meet my little princess and give her my love."

Allen and Gale, who are avid Disney fans, plan to treat their baby girl like a princess, saying, "Of course she's going to have custom Disney Princess dresses."

The couple's baby girl is due in March 2020.

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