Las Vegas Tourist Hops Out Of Car To Save Woman Trapped In Burning Building

Ralph and Sandra Harris were driving back to Las Vegas after spending the day sightseeing at the Hoover Dam when they made a wrong and got lost trying to find their hotel. As they were driving, Sandra noticed a large amount of black smoke coming from an apartment complex and knew something was wrong.

"When I looked, I saw black smoke coming, and immediately I said no one is grilling, that's a fire," she told KTNV.

Ralph started honking his horn to get the attention of anybody still inside. A woman inside heard the car horn and retreated to her balcony as the fire raged inside. Ralph didn't hesitate and jumped out of the car and ran toward the burning building.

"To see my husband jump out of the car without thinking twice, run into a burning building, jump over a seven or eight-foot wall, I was afraid for him. I immediately started praying," said Sandra.

Ralph urged the woman to jump and promised he would catch her.

"I told her, ma'am, just come over the ledge and just drop, I'm going to catch you,' and by the time she crawled over the ledge, another African American guy, he came flying up and tried to jump up on the wall and he fell. And by that time she fell in my arms," said Ralph.

He wasn't done saving people and ran inside the building to rescue an elderly woman who was trapped in her first-floor apartment.

"Just glad that he was able to rescue the couple of people that he did. I expected nothing less than that from my husband. He's amazing. He's my hero even though he would say he's not a hero," said Sandra.

Ralph says this it was fortunate that he made a wrong turn because it put him in the right place at the right time.

"Thank God for the wrong turn. That's all I can say. Just glad we made the wrong turn because once I scaled the fence, I think that's when the other guys said I'm going to go into action as well."

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