Homeless Veteran Is Being Hailed a Hero After Rushing to Car Crash

posted by Reid Mene - 

INJOTravis Wilson of Pembroke Pines, Florida, is a veteran formerly serving as a Navy corpsman, and after having come upon hard times, Wilson has found himself homeless.

However, the hero inside of him has not been lost in the slightest.

Wilson was in the midst of signing up for housing when he heard a large crash, quickly realizing that it was the sound of a major car accident. So without a thought, Wilson sprinted to the scene where he found a mangled pile of metal, as “Good Morning America” noted.

He told reporters at WPLG:

“We get around the corner and I see what's going on and speed up, and then, I just turn it on and go sprinting to the vehicle.”

Instinctually, Wilson reached inside the vehicle, where he saw blood spattered everywhere, and he proceeded to stabilize the driver's neck until paramedics could arrive.

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