New feature.....Every weekend I will bring you Pickett's Pet's of the Week courtesy of Central Texas SPCA located at 909 S. Bagdad in Leander. Here are a couple of animals that need homes and make great pets

Peaches is just a peach of a girl! She is always happy and making biscuits. This angel has a fantastic personality and greets everyone with the same enthusiasm. Once you visit this girl, you will know exactly what we are talking about!

Beans is currently the biggest of “The Three Sisters” (Beans, Maize and Squash). She is very curious about her surroundings, and loves to explore. She isn’t a very “bark-y” sort of puppy, but is very active and no push over when it comes to play time. Her chocolate-and-cream markings are going to be just beautiful as she grows up, and her bright eyes really set her apart and point to the heeler inside her. Beans is just waiting for her forever family to come and meet her. What’s taking you so long?