New feature.....Every weekend I will bring you Pickett's Pet's of the Week courtesy of Central Texas SPCA located at 909 S. Bagdad in Leander. Here are a couple of animals that need homes and make great pets

Moxie is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy and full of fun fun fun! (and yes, we only have one ;) ) Moxie is a very attentive and curious girl who loves to experience the world around her. Moxie loves new adventures and new surroundings. Moxie seems to get along with other dogs, though her initial curiosity may be a little intense for some dogs. Moxie needs a lot of activity, so families or those with yards would be best. Moxie has heterochromia, which means her eyes have different coloration, giving Moxie a very unique look. Why not come see her today?
Hello! I’m Popeye! I love attention, lap time and playing with toys!! I am super affectionate and very talkative. Everyone that walks by my habitat says how handsome I am. And, I know that everyone who comes into the shelter must be here to see me!