New feature.....Every weekend I will bring you Pickett's Pet's of the Week courtesy of Central Texas SPCA located at 909 S. Bagdad in Leander. Here are a couple of animals that need homes and make great pets

Zoe, the terrier mix, is the class clown! We just love to watch her run around like a crazy woman. She gets wild, lets her hair down and run zoomies out in the yard. This little girl is also very agile. We think she would make a good fly ball dog. Zoe has a big heart and is not afraid to give her all.

Maggie came in with her brother O’Reilly. She initially came is as a shy kitten but has really begun to blossom since her brother got adopted. It was almost overnight that she had a change of heart. Maggie will ask to be petted and also purr up a storm. She will even reach for you to pet her more if you pull your hand away.