Dear Bama, Rob, and Heather—

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were having some margaritas on our deck. We got a little buzz on and She started to dance around in her shorts and bikini top. She asked me to rate her 1 to 10. . I told her that her face is an 8 and her body is a 5. Well, you’d think I just told her I was having an affair. She flipped out over the 5 part. She should’ve known I’d be honest. That’s just how I am. She hasn’t been naked in front of me since. I’ve brought her flowers. I’ve told her she’s gorgeous and it’s getting me no where. She said I’ve always been a ten in her eyes and is sad to learn I don’t feel the same about her. How do I make this right between us?

I miss seeing my wife naked.





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