Dear Bama…


My wife and I got into a heated argument and I need your help… Here’s what happened:


Over the weekend she pulled a muscle in her shoulder and asked if I would give her a massage. So being the awesome husband that I am I went to Whole Foods and bought some fancy massage oil (because where else would you buy massage oil?). I got home and laid out a towel... and then proceeded to give her a nice massage. BUT, instead of moaning in pleasure, and letting me know I was doing a good job she just laid there like a corpse. And THAT’S when the fight started!


I need some feedback. I need a "OH THAT FEELS GOOD" or a "RIGHT THERE...YES!" I need to know that my magic fingers are working. So I told her this and her response was that she just wants to lie there and enjoy the massage. WHAT? Am I asking too much? I'm doing ALL the work and she is just lying there.... at least give me a moan or two. This went back and forth to the point of her getting angry...telling me I ruined the vibe and the atmosphere and she stormed off. 

What did I do wrong? Is this selfish of me?




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