When it comes to first-date jitters, it's not just the ladies that feel nervous and unsure of themselves. Guys do too. Ladies, while you are looking for clues that tell you whether he thinks the date is going well and if he likes you – he's doing the same thing with everything you say and do.

If you are having a great time, and are hoping for a second date, cut the guy some slack and make an effort to throw him some obvious signs that things are going well. Here are some of the things guys are hoping to hear from you during a first date:

  • "You look nice." You want to hear a compliment or two from him, but he wants to know you like what you see as well. Even if you simply tell him that he looks handsome or that his shirt makes his eyes really stand out – just let him know that the effort he made to look nice for you didn't go unnoticed. Plus it will make him feel confident and put him at ease.
  • Stories about your crazy adventures with your friends and family. In getting to know you it's always a plus to hear that you have an active and healthy social life. You are telling him that you are fun and that your entire world won't revolve around just him should you guys progress into a relationship.
  • "Let's get another drink" or "Let's stop for coffee." Whatever it is, an indication from you that you aren't ready to end the night after dinner is over will be a clear indication that you are enjoying yourself.
  • "Let's do that sometime." Maybe you are talking about a movie you both want to see or a new restaurant in the area. Whatever it is, telling him you want to do something else with him makes asking you for a second date a lot less stressful and opens the door for an invitation.
  • "Shall we go Dutch?" He will most likely say no, but guys really appreciate a girl who is willing to pay once in a while.
  • "I had a great time." It's such a simple statement, but it carries a lot of weight. It's a way of saying thank you and I am so happy I got to spend time with you and get to know you a little more. It's also a great invitation for a good night kiss. (Shine)