I was looking forward to letting you know that my husband and I are expecting our third BOY..... yes, THREE BOYS! :) ha

We went in for our 20 week check-up (7/17) & everything took a crazy turn!


First off, the baby's lateral ventricles in his brain were measuring a little large... that was tense!


Then they went in to check my cervix (the cervix is what holds the baby in there) and the doctors immediately started scrambling around.


I remember hearing things like "it's too short, it's way too short" & "there's a blood clot" "What's happening right there, that looks like she could be having a contraction".....


I felt like the room was spinning, what was happening!?


Still being in a bit of shock about the baby's brain, I didn't even realize we had a bigger problem on our hands.


My doctor looked at me and said, "We need to get you in the hospital RIGHT NOW"!




"Your cervix is failing & we need to get you in the hospital immediately".


Ummm, ok... (cue tears streaming down face).


The deal is.... if your cervix fails, your baby basically falls out!  Obvi this isn't good, since our baby is only 20 weeks (40 weeks is full term).


So here I sit....

I'm hooked up to an antibiotic IV for 48-hours to prepare my body for surgery & to try and prevent an infection post surgery!


They'll be doing a common procedure called "Cervical Cerclage" today (7/19).... trying not to be nervous about that.


We did get some relieving news from our specialist, Dr. "Bad Ass" Berry....

 The baby's brain & everything else looks GREAT... praise God!


Now we just need to keep him in there! :)


Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers.