Such a cool weekend in San Diego!  

We were there to "EXPERIENCE" the new TNT show called "The Last Ship"!  

Boy did we ever....

We stayed in the US Grant Hotel!  Which is a remodeled, clearly beautiful, old hotel:

We met up with the TNT hospitality group & they credentialed us up for the weekend!

They even personalized some dog tags for us....CUTE!

We had some free time, so we decided to take a WAY TOO expensive cab ride to La Jolla (we should have Uber'ed)... it was worth it though!  

It was beautiful....

We went on a super fun dinner cruise!  

We got to hang out & meet radio jocks from all over the US of A!  

Some familiar faces, like Cruz from Kiss-FM Austin ... he's the one trying to punch me out in the photo booth! :)

We made fast friends with David & Rhi from Atlanta:

Then it was off to the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier to watch the premiere episode of "The Last Ship" (you can see it THIS Sunday the 22nd on TNT at 8pm)!  

Look how cool:

On the bottom right, you can see 2 of the Executive Producers (Hank Steinburg & Steven Kane).

The next day.... it was off to interview the STARS!

1st up, Eric Dane!  

I've re.named him "McCommander"....

you'll know why after you see "The Last Ship" on Sunday night on TNT!

Here's the edited interview, if you want to listen: 

Rhona Mitra plays Dr. Rachel Scott on the show.....

She was the original Lara Croft & it was really cool to meet her + her English accent is insane... LOVE!

Here's a some of the interview with Rhona:

One of my favorite parts was getting to hang out with 2 of the Executive Producers (Hank Steinburg & Steven Kane)!  

You never hear much from producers & getting to talk to them one on one, about their vision for the "The Last Ship", was really cool!

Some of the edited interview with the producers.... 

Here's the trailer of the show, which premiers on Sunday night, June 22nd on TNT at 8pm: 

After all the interviews.... it was off to the San Diego Zoo where I fell in love with this guy: 

Overall.... it was an amazing trip!  

Thanks to TNT & The Last Ship!