Of course you'll never see a comma out of place in this here blog. I can't say the same for other places.

I went to the doctor six months ago and saw they had plastered the office with fliers that gave information on "Form Fee's." I told them about the typo and the gals behind the counter said, oh, uh-huh, sure, we'll change it, thanks.

I went back last week and it was still there. This time I told the doctor. (She then told me she had to get her staff to ditch the second "d" they had typed on the word "Shred.")

I went back today and success. Sorta. It looks like some new fliers were printed. But the one in the room I was in just had the misplaced apostrophe crossed out. I know I'm a journalist and all, but bad punctuation or typos in public documents at places such as doctors' offices (see, I put the apostrophe in the right place there) make me have a lot less confidence in said places.

While I'm on a rant, Sofa U Love - which has a location in Burbank, right near where we work - has often had a sign that says, "Clearence Sale." Drives me nuts. My aunt too.