LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An attorney for the Los AngelesUnifiedSchool District said today the district took immediate action against an El Sereno Elementary School teacher named in a new lawsuit accusing him of molesting at least three students.

Attorney Luis Carrillo contends in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit that three of Armando Gonzalez's former students did not report the alleged wrongdoing until recently. The girls ``discovered that the psychological injury, illness and suffering" they subsequently experienced were ``caused by the childhood sexual harassment, molestation and abuse," according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also alleges that there are up to 15 victims, a claim that Carrillo told the Los Angeles Times was based on information provided to one of his clients by a school district employee.

David Holmquist, attorney for the LAUSD, said the district began dismissal proceedings against Gonzalez in 2012, but he was removed from the classroom in March 2010, ``as soon as we were made aware of the allegations.''

Holmquist said the allegations were also reported to law enforcement.

``We remained steadfast throughout that (firing) process to not settle with this teacher, and he subsequently resigned during the dismissal proceedings on Sept. 11, 2013,'' Holmquist said.

``It is unfortunate that the state has created such a cumbersome and costly dismissal process,'' he said. ``As a school district, we took the leadership to work with state legislators to give us final authority to fire teachers accused of misconduct. Unfortunately, the bill that was passed this session does not provide adequate protection for our students.''

Carrillo said, however, the district had warnings dating back to 2007 of Gonzalez's unfitness to teach based on episodes of touching, fondling and kissing girls on the lips.