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Good Charlotte released their sixth studio album Youth Authority on Friday, July 15th, and to celebrate, the band performed an exclusive, intimate show for fans in New York City on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater, hosted by Billy The Kidd. During their show, the band not only performed songs off their new album, but they also took us back in time and performed some of our favorite Good Charlotte hits from over the course of their 20 year career.

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Youth Authority is Good Charlotte's sixth studio album, and the follow-up to 2010's Cardiology. The album features singles like "Makeshift Love," "40 oz. Dream," "Life Changes," and "Life Can't Get Much Better," in addition to eight other brand new songs (plus one bonus track on the deluxe edition). The record was produced by John Feldmann, and features guest appearances from Sleeping with Sirens's Kellin Quinn and Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil.

After taking a hiatus, following the release of their last album in 2011, during their iHeartRadio LIVE concert, Good Charlotte more than proved that they still got it. The band has released so many great songs over the years that fans can't get enough of, so to kick off their set, the guys took us back to 2002 to their album The Young and the Hopeless to perform two of the album's biggest hits "The Anthem" and "Girls and Boys." Needless to say, the crowd went crazy.

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In fact, most of Good Charlotte's show consisted of some of our favorite songs from the band over the years, but they did perform two singles off their just-released album Youth Authority. The guys played "Makeshift Love" and their current single "Life Can't Get Much Better" -- which Benji and Joel's mom loves, according to the brothers. Benji and Joel also explained the meaning behind the band's new album title:

"Ultimately the deeper meaning of it, below the surface, was the idea that we came from nothing, and we had nothing. When we first started, no one really took us seriously, and no one really believed in us, or really would have bet on us. And when we see so many kids out there that people count out, we really believe that it's those kids that you count out that end up doing something incredible. And then, you see how it changes, and they give you respect, and they give you love, or whatever. But we always remember what it felt like before when people didn't really believe in you. So, 'Youth Authority' is really about wherever that kid is right now, in his garage or his bedroom, picking up a guitar or getting on his laptop, and making a song that's gonna change his life, and probably the world. The way we dress, the way we talk, the things that we are into. That's what 'Youth Authority' means to us."

Good Charlotte also addressed their recent hiatus, and why they ultimately decided to get back together and make another album. They said that, "it just needed to be special to us again, we said we'd come back when it felt like we just couldn't live without it, and the feeling was right." And fun fact: they weren't even sure they were going to release another new record to fans. They explained:

"When we actually started making the record, we didn't even know if we were gonna put it out. We really just wanted to get back together, the five of us, and just make a record for us. We didn't even know if we were gonna share with the world, we didn't know what were gonna do. And I think that was the right way to start, because we were planning on making a record that we could just drive around and listen to, or work out to."

Continuing on in their set, the band performed a ton of Good Charlotte Throwbacks from their previous The Young and the Hopeless, The Chronicles of Life and Death, and even their debut self-titled album. During a performance of their song "Riot Girl," Joel gave a shout out to Britney Spears -- which they make reference to in the song's lyrics: "Christina, wouldn't wanna meet her/She hates you Britney, so you better run for cover." But, Joel also revealed that he used actually hate "Riot Girl," however, now he loves it.

"I learned who I really am. I'm not afraid to express myself anymore. I write songs like 'Riot Girl' because I used to be obsessed with riot girls, I called them riot girls, that was what I called them. And I was very inspired by them, so I wrote a song about them. And I don't hate this song anymore, I love this song now."

If you didn't already know, Good Charlotte loves their fans. So during the show, they actually took requests and performed songs that they hadn't rehearsed, like "East Coast Anthem." Joel even gave the paper with their set list printed on it away to a lucky fan. The guys also performed "Festival Song," as another fan request, which was the last song in their set, despite the crowd chanting "one more song" at the very end.

So what's next for Good Charlotte? The guys said during the show that they are headed out on tour this coming fall.

Good Charlotte's iHeartRadio LIVE on the Honda Stage Set List:

"The Anthem" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"Girls & Boys" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"Makeshift Love" (Youth Authority)

"Life Can't Get Much Better" (Youth Authority)

"I Just Wanna Live" (The Chronicles of Life and Death)"

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"Story of My Old Man" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"Riot Girl" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"The Young & the Hopeless" (The Young and the Hopeless)

"East Coast Anthem" (Good Charlotte)

"Dance Floor Anthem" (Good Morning Revival)

"Festival Song" (Good Charlotte)

Check out videos of their iHeartRadio Live concert below.


"Young and Hopeless" 


"Story of My Old Man" 


"Riot Girl" 


"Makeshift Love" 


"I Just Wanna Live" 


"Life Can't Get Much Better" 


"Girls and Boys" 


"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

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