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Vince Gill says he glad he contributes to Ray Price's final album, Beauty Is...  

He tells Rolling Stone he "thought the world" of the late country legend, calling Price "the real deal."  Gill adds that it "meant a lot" to him to provide "good harmony singing" and not simply background vocals, because on Ray's records "the harmony singer was a big deal." 

Vince says he only wishes he could have actually teamed up with Ray in the studio to record the songs, but at the time Ray "was battling health issues" so they "didn't have that luxury." 

The Country Music Hall of Famer died of pancreatic cancer last December, just a few weeks before his 88th birthday. 

Gill is featured on two songs on the album -- "Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder" and "Until Then."  The album also includes the Martina McBride's duet "An Affair to Remember." 

Price's Beauty Is... is in stores now. 

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