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Kacey Musgraves is easily on her way to the top of country music. After just releasing her album Same Trailer, Different Park, a hit song "Merry Go 'Round," and writing songs with the likes of country superstar Miranda Lambert, she's just getting started. 

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She tells iHeartRadio about her song "Merry Go' Round," "It's a song that was started by kind of growing up in a conservative environment in Texas and it's just about getting outside of like what you know and what you've like grown up around to get a different perspective. Because a lot of people don't ever and they just kind of end up settling because they're scared to fail. So they don't leave what they are totally comfortable with. 

Get to know Kacey better, and check out some of her favorite things!

Favorite song to sing in the shower: Lately its been "At Last" by Etta James. It feels so good to sing. Its been stuck in my head like, for a while now.

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad. I love "Breaking Bad." I used to really like "True Blood," but um, I'd say Breaking Bad.

Favorite way to pass time: I guess it depends on where I'm at. But, I'm on Vine. So I'm always thinking of new vines to do. 

Favorite junk food: I love gummy bears and also salt and vinegar chips. For some reason, like on the bus, I have to have both of those things. Its terrible.

Favorite thing about being from Texas: The food. The food, the barbecue’s so good, beer. There's just like, there is so many different reasons for liking Texas. I mean you have the beach, you have mountains, you have desert, and where I'm from its like, piney woods, very lush and green. Its like a bunch of lakes, so in one state have like every kind of climate. Its pretty crazy.

Favorite thing to do in Nashville: To go out and like see friends, [and] play music is really fun. It has a really good creative vibe and people are just friendly and there's some good shopping, really good food and is pretty culturally diverse for a southern city. 

Favorite home town hangout: Oh gosh, that would be my parents back porch. With all their rocking chairs and all the dogs and the lake. In my home town there's really no where to hang out unless I'm at my parents' [house]. There's no bars. Its like a dry county so there's nothing like that. 

Favorite artist/band: I love Mindy Smith a lot. She's amazing, her song writing. But I mean I love everything from Miguel. Like I've been really obsessed to his new record. I love Rihanna. I love Katy Perry. I mean I love Willie Nelson, it could go on and on.

Favorite ice cream sundae topping: Oh man, I like hot fudge, but lately I've been obsessed with pistachio ice cream. 

Favorite thing in your wardrobe: These turquoise, really beat up vintage cowboy boots that I have. They've got a really great pointy toe and they have like this white stitching on the front but they're bright turquoise and real beat up looking. They go with anything.

Favorite animal: My three legged dog, that I have. It’s a girl and she got, hit a few years ago out in front of my house and luckily it didn't do anything more than basically paralyze her right front leg. So we had to have it amputated, which was crazy but you would never know, she's so fast, and totally the same dog.

Favorite city: Paris is amazing.

Favorite drink to get the night started: If not red wine then I go for grapefruit vodka. Well any flavored vodka too. On the bus, in the rider we get sprite zero a lot so I do cherry vodka and sprite zero. It's low calorie but it taste basically like a snow cone.

Favorite thing you've ever received from a fan/favorite fan moment: My sister put together this birthday video for my birthday last year and she got like literally everybody that I know, everyone, to put in a little birthday message. But my fans in the UK, they kind of did the same thing and did a birthday message and posted on YouTube. It was the sweetest, it made me cry. It was the sweetest thing ever, just all these fans, people I've never met, just being so sweet and made me little signs. It was just crazy, like I was alone in my hotel room on my birthday and just to have that, people giving me messages from across the world that I have never met, just giving me love, I'm just like are you serious? It was crazy.

Favorite day of the week: Friday. Then I look forward to playing shows. We are usually in route to the show on Thursday play Friday and Saturday and come back Sunday. 

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