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(Yahoo!) - Chely Wright is no doubt feeling a little "blue" this week, as she and wife Lauren Blitzer Wright celebrated the birth of their identical twin sons on Saturday.

The boys are named George Samuel and Everett Joseph — after their great-grandfathers — and, according to a report from People, are doing great despite arriving a bit ahead of schedule. The babies were originally supposed to be born sometime in June.

Wright revealed the gender of her twins back in March, as well as gave some insight on her pregnancy, which seemed to be routine and smooth with the exception of some nausea in her first trimester. As for the boys themselves, "I’m not sure if they'll write country music or show tunes," the country star joked.

Wright married Blitzer in August 2011, following her much-publicized coming out in May 2010.

Congratulations to the new parents! Be sure to leave your well-wishes here, too!


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